Used Speciality Tires has an online tire store dedicated to selling specialty tires to the mining, construction, petroleum, and government industries. Our inventory consist of 3,000,000 plus specialty tires placed all over the West Coast ready for sell. Our website offers construction, mining, farming, airplane, and custom machinery tires along with wheels and accessories.

The website runs similarly to an eBay format. All items for sale have a thorough description that will include weight and dimensions info. of every tire. I ascribe to the notion that there can never be enough information. When the equipment operator is searching for a tire, it becomes very critical that these tires are matched and stored correctly.  Because our company deals with multi-million dollar equipment and companies that depend on our site to be accurate and timely.

Its is very important that our customers feel confident that they are getting quality tires that they have purchased. We take several pictures of the itemized tire(s) and repairs. First the sidewall 1, then sidewall 2, the tread, shoulder bead, inner liner, and if it has a repair. We will also take several pictures of the repair.





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