Tire Vulcanization

Can tire damage be repaired?

Our Tire Vulcanization program is developed by Toby to consistently develop the advancement of this process. Tire vulcanization has been around since the beginning of tires. It begins when the heavy equipment has an accident that destroys the tire, by debris in mines or construction sites.

We specialize in OTR tread, shoulder and bead repairs. We always take a little extra time and put a little more effort on section repairs because quality always comes before quantity.

On a normal tire, when it gets damaged it gets replaced as soon as it happens. but with our specialty tires, there is a process we have developed over the years to improve our systems and procedures that make the vulcanization process the most effective and lasts more hours towards our customers’ investments.

All of our Vulcanization Techs are IT and Tech Certified and highly skilled in using our tech patches. Most importantly TECH PATCHES are made in Jonestown Ohio which was very important to me to support American companies. Tech patches are very high-quality patches use all over the world. But one last reason we use tech patches is to support our fellow Americans and creating jobs.

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