Tire Recycling

Our tire recycling division was created during the start of a recession of 2008. I have always seen my employees as my family, and during the recession of 2018 we worked when work slows down. We moved into the tire recycling industry, because we had to decide whether to layoff or diversify  with tire companies that specialize in recycling one specific size of tire. Then create a product here in our line recycling centers. We also except and process any tires from the smallest to the largest tires in the wold. We provide many products from these discarded tires.

A decade ago these tires would have been shredded and hauled off to the landfill.  But these days we offer a wide range of products out of these tire byproducts.The products we offer our mini painted tired ships and landscapes and children’s playgrounds tire stuffiness for working rubber products as doormats big tire blocks for civil engineering products used all over the world.
Tire products we offer are painted tires chips, recycled tire pieces for landscaping, children playground, doormats, sidewalls for feed bunkers, tug boat bumpers, big earthmovers, shredded cartons and tires. Also used for ballistics testing for our defense and aerospace industry.  
Hi Toby Ramos I’m an outdoorsman and true passion and love for the natural outdoors my whole life. I’ve been blessed to see and explore the awesome beauty of the mother nature. So as a recycling tire processor, I take it very serious and try my very hardest to develop new ideas of products.


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