Our OTR Tire Sales Division a sales and brokers new and used tires all over the world. Recover areas such as North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia Eurasia¬† The OTR Tire industry has always struggled to keep a solid inventory for global demand of these gigantic tires. Over the years we have developed a network that spans the globe with brokers from all over the world in which we work together to keep inventory for our customer’s, and equipment up and running.

We offer a wide variety of retread tires, but really we specialize in the used OTR to make it easier for our customers to match the tire with their equipment to get more running hours in their investment.

All of the used OTR tires we use go through a systematic process and all of our techs are properly trained and certified with the highest standards in the industry. We proudly use American made Tech patches built-in Jonestown, Ohio.  Tech patches have a solid name for quality craftsmanship, and with the experience of our trained techs, we are confident and proud to sell good quality tires.

After every repair and inspection, we take time to inflate every tire no matter the size. This is to make sure the tire is properly repaired and tested. We test in Toby’s safety safe zone pneumatic (tire) ballistics area. This keeps the Techs protected and makes sure our customers get a quality rebuilt, repaired and tested tire. It is always our goal to sell and work with integrity and provide good service. Because for our company integrity comes before profit. We stand behind our products and we always will.



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