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At our online Tire and Wheel sales store, it is a user-friendly web page. In our inventory, there is a vast assortment of specialty tires in lots of very hard to find sizes, all of the new tires we sell come with a fair warranty that we are proud of.

All of our used tires have a very low failure rate. Thanks to our skilled employees thorough testing and innovative repairs it has allowed us to warranty our used tires to make our customers feel confident with their new purchase and to deliver a quality product we stand behind.
Our website has an easy style format. Each of our used OTR and farm Tires will have a viewing window. After you enter the size in the search bar, our current tire inventory will populate with all the information in regards to that tire. From top tread crown, shoulder bead, inner liner, the spot or section repair and an image of both sidewalls will be available. Customers can feel confident that they have chosen the tire that will be the best fit for the equipment in need.
Also, many OTR Tire manufacturer's dimensions vary by inches, width and height. All that information will appear in a  window for you to see. We will provide all the information in regards to the tire of the site so you can make the best purchase and be completely satisfied.  Mistakes can be costly along with downtime please browse through our inventory.

We want to hear from you. You can contact us via our email form below or give us a call. We look forward to working with you now and in the future. Thank you for your business and interest.

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Call and get the resources of our team working for you. Your next solution could be just a phone call away.


    Our commercial truck center is where you go for full srvice on you heavy equipment and agricultural truck. This is also the best place to bring other service vehicles like food truck, company service trucks and even mobile homes.

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    Our Commercial Tire Center is the foundation of our company established in 1992. We are a full service Truck Tire Center that operates out of a two acre commercial facility in the heart of good ole East County San Diego. With the room to accomodate many many full size heavy big rigs. We sell any size tire from wheel chair, light truck passenger tires, industrial forklifts, construction equipment, and semi truck tires. We provide mobile road service repair at your location 24/7 to help our customers out of an emergency. With a fleet of well maintained vehicles and a network of mobile tire trucks that span the entire United States and Canada when we say any tire, anyplace, anytime we ain't kidding.

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    Tire or rubber recycling is the process of recycling waste tires that are no longer suitable for use on a personal vehicles or commercial equipment due to wear or irreperable damage.

    Toby Ramos Tire Recycling is a premier provider of recycling services which serves the entire Western United States.

    We are always developing innovative equipment and process to break down the once hard to dispose used tires into useful byproducts such as:

      • Tire Derived fuel TDF
      • Tire Derived Aggpag TDA
      • Crumb Rubber
      • Rubberized Asphalt RAC
      • Industrial feed stock
      • Colorized rubber mulch

    All of these useful byproducts get used for civil engineering projects all over the world. The tire byproduct is also used in cement kilns and power plants industrial feedstocks for molded products, rubber mulch for landscaping and playgrounds. I have been an avid outdoorsman with a love for the natural beauty of mother nature. I love what I do and I am happy to help get rid of a difficult product that can now have a great end use for years to come.

    * Backfill for walls /bridges
    * Alternative fuel for manufacturing
    *Construction material
    *Consumer products
    *Athletic Services



    The OTR division is where we support the heavy equipment and other off-road equipment vehicles. We service and work with brokers around the world to service our customers. From Africa to America we have a good relationship with our partners. One of our long-term partners we support here in America make very high-quality patches. Our team is highly skilled in both the repair and use of these materials and tools. We provide full service... see what we can do for you.

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    Imagine if when you turned 18 you were given a new car. But the only stipulation is that you will never get another one you had to drive the one you get for the rest of your life. You would take good care of that car. We also are concerned about the environment that we leave behind as we cannot get another. By finding additional ways to use and reuse materials and improve processes. We are good for your business and good for the environment.

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    A safe work environment is paramount. It ensures that we both protect our employees and maintain the safest environment when  we work on and around equipment designed to increase the productivity of the machine operator and teams that support them. From safety equipment to best practices when handling both the equipment and materials produced. We can recommend and inspect your job site to stay in compliances and avoid legal and financial penalties.

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